How to Join Webinar/Web Seminar Trainings


  • How do I join my web-based training session?


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  1. Daktronics uses Adobe Connect software to host our webinar trainings. The link to this meeting has been included in this calendar invite. It is titles “Click here at your scheduled time to get started”. Click here to join.png
  2. The link that to join the meeting will appear like this on your email. Click that link at your scheduled webinar time
    When you enter that link, you will be brought to the login portion of the meeting. Enter your first and last name, then click “Enter Room”.
    You will be prompted to open the meeting in Browser or Application. Select Application.adobe connect.png
  3. If Adobe Connect doesn't open, you may need to still download “Adobe Connect” application. This will only take a few minutes. We do recommend downloading Adobe Connect prior to connect.png                                                                 joining meeting.png
  4. Once you the software is downloaded, you will be brought to this screen:                                                  joining audio.png
  5. This will instruct on how to enter the Audio conference. Click next to read through the instructions.  
  6. Once you have gone through the prompts, you will receive a message to join the Audio Conference. You have the option to “Dial-out” (Receive a call from the meeting), “Dial-in to the Audio Conference via Phone”, or “Using Microphone (Computer/Device)"                                                                                                                               audio.png
  7. Enter the audio conference the way you'd like to join.
  8. You will now be entered into the Adobe room and ready to begin your training!

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