Unable to connect existing radio harness into newly installed Gyrus driver.

Potential Symptoms

  • Unable to connect 4-pin Gen 5 radio harness into new gyrus driver.
  • Adapter we sent out with driver does not match existing harness.

                                       Scoreboard radio receiver.jpg


  • Product Family: Sports Product
  • Product: Outdoor Scoreboard
  • Component: Legacy Radio Receiver Harness Gen 5
  • Control System: All Sport 5000, All Sport 1600, MX-1


  • New Gyrus drivers use a different style radio input jack.


  • Remove the legacy style (J45) radio receiver harness and install the new 6 pin to 5 pin (W-2912) Harness that was sent with the replacement Gyrus driver, which will allow you to connect up the radio receiver that has the 5 pin plug on it.
    • Reference drawings if needed.

KB ID: DD4263871

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