Lane information does not populate, OmniSport 2000 and Hy-Tek Meet Manager set to different number of lanes.

Potential Symptoms

  • The number of lanes in the OmniSport 2000 and Hy-Tek MM appear to not match (e.g. lanes 7 and 8 of OmniSport are always empty or lanes 7 and 8 in Hy-Tek are not getting times from the OmniSport) .


  • Product Family: Sports Product, Timing
  • Product: OmniSport 2000
  • Component: Hy-Tek Meet Manager
  • Control System:


  • The number of lanes in the OmniSport 2000 do not match the event created in Hy-Tek.


  1. Confirm how many lanes should actually be used.
  2. On the OmniSport 2000:
    • Press menu and then 4-1-1 and confirm how many lanes the OmniSport is set up to use.  Make corrections if needed.
  3. In Hy-Tek MM:
    • Go to: Events -> select the event(s) in question -> Look under Prelims / timed finals in the lower right corner or Finals in the lower left corner and confirm the number of lanes is correct.  Make corrections if needed.
    • Hy-Tek.png

KB ID: DD4237542

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