No power to ethernet client radio and no communication to display, Failed QC or Ribbon Cable

Potential Symptoms

  • Unable to communicate with display via Venus 1500 v4 or M2 config.
  • Client radio showing no LEDs lit.
  • Quick Connect does not get 12 Volts DC on pins 3 and 4, yet Controller outputs 12 Volts on Pins A and 1.


  • Product Family: Message Display
  • Product: AF-3500
  • Component: M3 Controller, Quick Connect Input
  • Control System:


  • Voltage is either not getting to the quick connect card through the ribbon cable or the card itself has failed.


  1. Replace the 10 pin ribbon cable from the controller to the quick connect card.
  2. Replace the Quick connect card.

KB ID: DD4197044

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