Unable to connect to display, Client radios next to each other; Remove one

Potential Symptoms

  • Unable to connect to display.
  • Unable to update prices.
  • Getting DM-100 error when updating prices.


  • Product Family: Commercial Digit Products
  • Product: FL-3000; FL-4500
  • Component: FLXR Client radio
  • Control System:


  • Client radios next to each other , side by side.
  • Client radios should be about 50ft from each other.


For Temporary Operation

  • Power cycle system
    1. Turn price signs off.
    2. Unplug DM-100.
    3. Unplug power on server radio. 
    4. Wait 30 seconds between turning on next device.
    5. Turn on Server radio, signs, and DM-100; in that order.

KB ID: DD4151372

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