How to change SNMP community names in Vanguard Pro


  • How do I change the SNMP community names in Vanguard Pro?
  • Where do I change SNMP name in software?


  • Product Family: Transportation
  • Product: Vanguard
  • Components: VFC, VFC-3000
  • Control System: Vanguard Pro


  1. Open Vanguard Pro
  2. Select the tools on the top left hand corner of the screen
  3. Select system configuration
  4. Select Manage NTCIP Profiles under configuration
  5. Double Click on desired display
  6. Select edit the profile settings
  7. Change the community names to the correct names
  8. Once these are in place select OK and these should save
  9. If the name is changed on the Vanguard Pro software it also needs to be changed on the controller
  10. For instructions on how to change this setting on the controller see links below

KB ID: DD4137729

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