How do I create a Display Studio script to send my V-Max calibration file?


  • How do I create a display studio script to send my V-Max calibration file?      


  • Product Family: Software; Control System
  • Products: VMax4 Display
  • Components: Display Studio, Show Control 2.11 or later, DI-6000, VP-6000 
  • Control Systems: Show Control System (SCS), Venus 7000 replacement

During system startup, the 6000 processor does not automatically send out calibration information when sending out V-Max 4 signal. Use the V-Max calibration script to send calibration information to the V-Max 4 displays.


Create a new script button or edit an existing startup button.  For details, see: How to create Scripting Containers and Buttons.

  1. Create a new script line.
    1. Select the VP/DI-6000.
    2. Pick the appropriate processor(s)
    3. Choose Send Calibration.
  2. Save button.
  3. Click the button when you'd like to send the calibration information.
See animation below:
send calibration.gif

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