How do I change my Pitch Timer presets for Minor League Baseball


  • How to set or change presets for Pitch Timers​ to comply with the 2018 rules?


  • Product Family:  Timing Displays
  • Product: Pitch Timers
  • Components:  All Sport 5000
  • Control System:  minor league baseball


  1. All Sport 5000 enter code:  5001
​Preset 1:
  1. Press <EDIT>
  2. Press <PRESET 1>
  3. Press <0><1><5> followed by <ENTER>.  For 15 second time*
  4. Press <ENTER> when prompted for "WARNING" time
  5. Press <PRESET 1> to see time entered display
​Preset 2:​
  1. Press <EDIT>
  2. Press <PRESET 2>
  3. Press <0><2><0> followed by <ENTER>.  For 20 second time*
  4. Press <ENTER> when prompted for "WARNING" time
  5. Press <PRESET 2> to see time entered display
Preset 3:
  1. Press <EDIT>
  2. Press <PRESET 3>
  3. Press <2><2><5> followed by <ENTER>.  For 2:25 time.
  4. Press <ENTER> when prompted for "WARNING" time
  5. Press <PRESET 3> to see time entered display​​

*Time less ​than one [1] minute include a leading zero [0]
**Above times are only for MiLB.  Not for​ MLB.
The new presets can now be used on the handheld controller by clicking on P1, P2, P3. ​
presets on handheld.jpg 

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