How do I track mound visits using DakSendOne for baseball?


  • How do I track mound visits using DakSendOne for baseball?​


  • Product Family: Sports Software and Controllers
  • Product: Mound visit tallies
  • Components: DakSendOne
  • Control System: baseball


  1. Before the game, add the tally numbers to the home and away lists.  ​
    1. Click the arrow pointing to the desired list box or toggle between list boxes using the tab key.
    2. Type the number you wish to add into the text box.  
    3. Press Enter or click the arrow pointing to the desired list box.  ​
    4. Repeat for 6 or more.  Do this for both the home and away side.  Note: The example below has 0-9.  More numbers can be added to support extra innings or your specific league​ rules.)
  1. When a mound visit occurs:​ 
    1. ​Select the correct number from the list boxes.
    2. Press the Send button to send the data.  

​​Notes: ​​
You may add and send information at any time.
To move an items from one list box to another, select the item use the green arrows to move.
To remove an item, select it and click on the red X. 
To clear all, click on the red circle containing and X above the list box.  
Port settings and items will be saved and will load the next time you run the application. ​

KB ID: DD3872470

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