How to update NewTek firmware.


  • How do I update firmware on the NewTek TriCaster or 3Play?


  • Product Family: NewTek
  • Product: TriCaster (460, 860, 8000, TC1, 3Play)
  • Components: Software
  • Control System: Firmware


  1. Exit from TriCaster software back to Windows desktop.
  2. Using a web browser, navigate to the following page:
  3. Choose the correct firmware package for the defined player (TC1, Advanced, or Standard, 3Play).
  4. Save the firmware package to the desktop and run the installer.

Additional step:  If the installer doesn't appear to have fixed the situation, perform an update force.

  1. Go to the following location: Start > Computer > C Drive > TriCaster > Drivers > WDF > Core > Updateforce_shutdown.bat
  2. Run the batch file and the computer should power down for up to 3 minutes. 
  3. Once computer reboots, test equipment using a new session.

KB ID: DD3760690

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