How to add multiple fields combined together to my data elements in Content Studio?


  • How to add a string of multiple fields (concatenation) to one data element?​


  • Product Family: Software and Controllers
  • Product: Show Control -Display Studio version 2.01 or above, with DMP-8000.
  • Components: Content Studio
  • Control System:


  • This new feature in Display Studio version 2.01 will allow for the combination of multiple fields into one string. All data fields must come from the same source in Content Studio.

To create a combined or concatenated data element

1. Create a new data element.  For beginners, see: How to create presentations with data in Content Studio.
2. Click on the data field and select the Field Properties tab. 
3. Click on the multiple fields button to open the multiple field concatenation menu. 
4. Click on add field to add additional data fields into the single string. 

multiple field concatenation.png

5.  Select apply to complete your data string. 

Note: If the data string appears to have text cut off, right click on the data element and adjust the text fit and wrapping options.
shrink to fit.png

 Watch this video for a demonstration of this feature:


KB ID: DD3618581

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