How do I know where the driver in my LED scoreboard is located


  • How to find the location of scoreboard drivers?
  • How to find the number designation of a scoreboard driver?
    • Example: A1, A2, A3.
  • How do I know where the driver in my LED scoreboard is located?


  • Indoor LED Scoreboard
  • Outdoor LED Scoreboard


  1. To locate the driver(s), look for a warning label similar to the one below.  Component location varies with each scoreboard model, but drivers, power and signal components are typically mounted inside the scoreboard behind a digit panel.
    • Caution 120vac label.jpg
  2. Locate the driver location by viewing the Component Location drawing.
    1. For Current Model Scoreboards: 
      1. For model-specific driver location information, use the following article to determine what model scoreboard you have, What model is my LED Scoreboard, DD3572319.
      2. Navigate to
      3. In the search box type the scoreboard model number followed by product as the search criteria. Example: BB-2101 product.
        1. If you are unable to locate your scoreboard model product specification document using the instruction in Step 2.1.1 please skip to Step 2.2.1 and follow the instructions for Discontinued Scoreboards.
      4. Chose the Product Specifications document for your scoreboard.  Example: BB-2101 Product Specifications.
      5. Scroll down to the Component Location drawing and verify it is the same as the scoreboard being serviced.
    2. For Discontinued model scoreboards:
      1. Click on the link to navigate to the Discontinued Product manual page:
      2. In the "Jump to" section, click on the link to the type of LED scoreboard your working on. Example: Scoreboards - LED Indoor.
      3. Identify your model scoreboard and click on the manual link to open the manual.
      4. Locate the "Component Location" drawing in the manual for your model scoreboard.
      5. Review the component location drawing to identify the driver(s). The driver will be labeled as A1, A2, A3, etc. depending on how many drivers are in the scoreboard.

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