Wireless Scoreboard is blank with no POST, Failed receiver

Potential Symptoms

  • With Gen6 radio plugged in, Scoreboard is not going through a Power On Self Test (POST).
  • Power receiver powered on but all other lights off.
  • Radio receiver not powering on.
  • Gyrus driver; DS8 (power) light is blinking and DS1 (radio) barely blinking.
  • When radio unplugged from Gyrus the DS8 (power) is lit solid and DS2 (run) blinks once per second.
  • With radio unplugged Scoreboard goes though a boot up.
  • Issue follows radio receiver.


  • Product Family: Sports Product
  • Product: Wireless Scoreboard
  • Component: Gyrus Driver
  • Control System: Gen6 All Sport radio console and receiver


  • Failed radio receiver.


  • Send a replacement Gen6 radio receiver.

KB ID: DD3491842

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