Mouse Pointer is Distorted and/or Multiplied on KVM


  • Mouse pointer is distorted / multiplied.
    mouse pointer distortion.jpg


  • Show Control
  • DSTI
  • Venus Control Suite
  • DCGI
  • Avocent IP KVM


  • Mouse pointer becomes distorted after a few days when the computer is set to a Windows 7 Aero Theme when using an Avocent IP KVM.


  1. Set the computer to Windows 7 Basic theme.
  2. Computer should be rebooted after setting the them to basic.
  3. Desktop background can be set separately (at the bottom) so that the Daktronics background can be used with the basic theme.
    win 7 basic.png

Work Around

  • For a temporary fix, if you aren't able to use the Windows 7 Basic theme, the issue does go away after rebooting the computer, but it will return after a few days.
    • Note: When the distortion issue is actively occurring and the computer is rebooted, it will Blue Screen out of windows, which won't be visible on the KVM.  The computer will just appear to take over 5 minutes to reboot, then will say that Windows recovered from a serious error.

KB ID: DD3393651

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