How to add custom constraints to a playlist file in Venus Control Suite.


  • How to add custom constraints to a playlist file in Venus Control Suite.
  • How do I change the hold time of a single image in my playlist?
  • How can I adjust when a single message plays within a playlist?
  • How do I set different hold duration for only certain pieces of content in Venus Control Suite?
  • The standard hold duration set on the display is 10 seconds but I want just a single piece of content to hold for 15 seconds instead.
  • How to schedule content for specific dates?
  • How to schedule content for specific times?


Product Family: Software and Controllers
Product: Venus Control Suite Apps
Components: Venus Scheduling 
Control System: Venus Control Suite Daktronics Hosted, Venus Control Suite Local Hosted


  1. Create the playlist by following, How do I create a playlist in Venus Control Suite?
  2. Under the Playlist Files column of the playlist, click on the creative you wish to add playlist item constraints to.
  3. Click on the set constraint button for the category you wish to apply to the single piece of content.
  4. Click on Save to save your playlist item constraints.

Note: Date Range, Days of Week, and Daily Time Range of the playlist item must be within the original playlist's details. If the desired constraints are not, then create a separate playlist with the necessary details. Custom Duration (hold time) will only work with still images ONLY.

KB ID: DD3331556

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