How to switch from your primary to backup system


  • How do you switch from your primary to backup system?​


  • Product Family:  Software and Controllers
  • Product: Show Control / Display Studio
  • Components: DMP-7000, DMP-8000
  • Control System:


Initialize display via a script button on Show Control

1. If you have a DMP 8000*, you will need to make sure to check the zone on both primary and backup on step 2 of your scripting buttons to make content play on both machines. This will happen automatically on DMP 7000.

primary and backup DisplayStudio.jpg 

*Note: If you have Show Control Version 1.41 and higher, DMP 8000 works just like DMP 7000. See steps 4 and 5.

Test on the primary system

  1. Open and display zones
  2. Play out content or test patterns  ​
  3. Verify video on displays

Switch to the backup system and repeat the above steps.

1. Locate the A/B switch in the rack. Your system may be equipped with an Extron model similar to the one below. For the Extron switch, "1" is the primary and "2" is the backup. Switches "3" and "4" are not used and will produce a blank display if selected.

Extron Switch.jpg 

2. Push "2" to switch to the backup system.

 - For DMP 7000 driven systems, you need to switch the imaging services in Display Studio to point to the backup. This will change what the monitor wall looks at and allows you to make new buttons with the primary machine off.

3. In the main menu, go to properties then service configuration.

4. Check the box next to the backup DMP 7000 player name. Click Ok.

Service configuration.jpg 


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