How do I backup the configuration of a 6000 processor via command lines?


  • How do I backup the configuration of a DI-6000 or VP-6000?


  • Product Family: Video Processors, Display Interface
  • Product: VP-6000, DI-6000
  • Components: WinSCP, Backup config
  • Control System:


  1. Power on the device.

     2.  Open WinSCP and log into the desired DI-6000 or VP-6000.

NOTE: To log in with WinSCP reference How to log into DI-6000 or VP-6000 using WinSCP, DD3287018.

        Backup DI-6000 first image.png

    3.  Locate the folder /etc/kadoka on the DI-6000 or VP-6000.

    4.  Copy the folder /etc/kadoka to the desired location on your local machine. Note the example below, the Kadoka folder on the right is highlighted, select the download option to bring the folder to the computer that is connected as shown on the left screen in WinSCP.
Backup DI-6000 second image.png

     5.  Close WinSCP.

     6.  Using Windows Explorer, delete everything except for the following on your local machine:







          Note: This will prevent corruption when backup configs are copied to exchange units or backup units.  The hardware folder should never be modified.

     7. Rename the local copy of the Kadoka folder so it is clearly labeled as a backup file.  Include the name of the display and the contract name or number in the folder title.


KB ID: DD3288451

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