How can I interface with TrackMan Speed of Pitch (MiLB)?


  • How can I interface with TrackMan Speed of Pitch (MiLB)?


  • Product Family: Sport Software and Interfaces
  • Product: TrackMan Pitch and Hit Interface
  • Component: Data Server
  • Control System: Minor League Baseball


Here is what to expect :

TrackMan Pitch and Hit Interface includes:

  • This new integration and interface requires that the TrackMan computer and Daktronics control system is on the same network subnet/vlan or that traffic can freely pass between both end points. This will ensure that UDP traffic originating at the Trackman computer can reach the Daktronics systems. There are many ways this can be achieved and will depend on the site/network configuration, your Regional Applications Engineer can help answer questions from you or your IT staff about the required setup.
  • TrackMan's data output only includes pitch velocity ​(KPM/MPH), hit speed or speed off the bat. 

Requirements of Team/Facility:

TrackMan licenses their technology directly to the baseball operations group of the MLB club.  The license agreement between the MLB club and TrackMan is limited to coaching and player evaluation purposes and must be amended for use in stadiums. The request for this amendment should go through the MLB Club's parent organization's front office. 

If the MiLB game operations staff does not have those MLB front office contacts readily available, they can follow the process below. 

  1. Email Cullen McGowan cmc@tr​​ with both the interested MiLB team and their associated MLB team.
  2. TrackMan will provide the corresponding MLB front office contact information
  3. The interested MiLB team should contact the MLB front office to secure approval and expanded licensing rights
  4. Once approved, contact Professional Services or your Regional Application Engineer to determine any hardware and/or software needs that will enable this data for display use.

Ensure Success

  • TrackMan requires at least 2 days notification before Daktronics onsite speed of pitch integration. 
  • The TrackMan computer must be on an working before Daktronics onsite speed of pitch integration.

Because the approval process involves a contractual relationship between the teams and TrackMan, Daktronics cannot make the request of TrackMan or the MLB club for our customers. 

​The above article outlines how to implement an enhanced feature. If you want assistance with adding new elements to your show, visit our Professional Services Site to submit your contact information.


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