How do I configure the Multi-Function Card MFN300?


  • How to configure the multi-function card for displays with NovaStar control?


  • Product Family: Sender Box
  • Product: Nova MCTRL 600, Nova MCTRL 660, NovaStar VX4S, NovaStar brand sender box and receiver  cards
  • Components: NovaLCT-Mars, Monitoring/ Status Checks
  • Control System: Market Standard or Limited Compliance using transmit common/open protocol
    • This includes but not limited to DVN-4003, Dragon Sticks, J Series, JVX, NPN-4200/4400, NPN-5200/ 5400, U Series, Q Series, QVN, Z Series, and ZPN.


Install and connect the multi-function card.

 1. Install the light sensor or the any other peripheral equipment.  The technician doing the install can determine how to affix this to the structure.

Recommendations and Requirements:

• First choice for the sensor location is a north eave or northern exposure, away from direct sunlight and above grass. This location gives extra stability and accuracy to the sensor because of the additional shade usually provided by a northern exposure.

• Second choice for locating the sensor is on the display itself, or somewhere on the display structure. (This works best with light-colored displays.) Location of the sensor should be above, below, or on the northern edge of the display to keep the sensor shaded as much as possible. Sensor readings will be more accurate if there is grass below the sign, rather than concrete or asphalt.

Things to Avoid:

• The sensor requires a location away from chimneys, air conditioners, vents, tar roofs, concrete, and parking lots, all of which can cause abnormal temperature fluctuations and incorrect sensor readings. For accurate readings under these conditions, keep a separation of at least 20-30 feet horizontally and 8 feet vertically between the sensor and the influential element.

• Locations that restrict air movement are also unsatisfactory.
• When a display has two faces, do not mount the sensor between the faces.

4 connected cabinets_MFN.png 

2. Connect the sensor to the MFN300 Multi-Function card. 

3. Connect the Multi-Function card into the signal loop of the display via the Ethernet ports.  See the MFN300 Multi-Function card below.

Multifunction Card.png 

Configure the Function Card.

  1. Log into the NovaLCT-Mars program.
  2. On the main NovaLCT menu click on the Multi-function Card tile.
  3. Click the Add button on the top left and select Ethernet port Connection.
  4. Enter the proper location where the MFN card is connected and name it.  Press OK.
    multifunction card management_2.png

  5. Click on the Power Management tab.  This can used to manually or automatically control the power relays on the MFN300 card.  The typical use would be for turning on and off power supplies in a display.multifunction card management_3.png
  6. Click on the Peripheral Device tab. 
    1. Select the appropriate device from the drop down.  The 4 available ports on the MFN300 card are labeled 1- 4 so be sure to select the correct port.  Click Save.
      multifunction card management_5.png
Updating/Verifying firmware (if needed)
  1. Click on the Load Program tile. 

  2. Type in 'admin' and upload functions will unlock.  

  3. To update the MFN300 firmware, select the load program tile.  Type in 'admin' and upload functions will unlock.  
  4. Press refresh to view the current version of FW. multifunction card management_7.png
  5. If updating, browse to the file location and press the change button to update. 

Next Steps: 

Configure your peripheral equipment- How to configure the light sensor for NovaStar controlled displays?

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