How do I setup requested stats for V-Play?


  • How do I setup requested stats for V-Play?


  • Product Family: Software and Controllers
  • Product: V-Play
  • Component: ERTD Requested Stats
  • Control System:
    • DakStats and Stat Crew provide 2 data streams for live statistical information.
    • Use the requested stream when for displaying in-depth individual player information, game summaries, or for any other data that is not in the standard scoreboard game in progress data stream.


  1. Create a notepad File
    1. Go to Start > Control Panel > Settings > Dak Communication Server.
    2. Select Ports.  Double click on Port 4.  A port configuration window will open.
      VPlay request 1.png
    3. Ensure Enabled is checked.  Name: DakStats Requested Stats, Type: UDP/IP, Port: 22322 (Standard Default), Input Template File:  Select the appropriate Input Template File (ITF).
      For example, dsbb req.itf for DakStats Basketball Requested Stats
      VPlay request 2.png
    4. Select OK, and minimize the DCS.
  2. Configure DataCaster for RTD
    1. Open DataCaster from the shortcut on the Desktop or by going to Start > Programs > Daktronics > DataCaster > DataCaster.
    2. Create a new file.  Select File, and then select New. The New File dialog box appears.  
    3. Choose an existing template from the Templates folder.  Typically, users will choose the NTSC Video template.  Click OK.
  3. Add Data Fields.
    1. Select Tools>ITF Explorer.
    2. From the drop-down, select the applicable port for requested stats (typically Port 4).
    3. A list of RTD elements appears in the right window. Drag and drop each desired stat field onto the DataCaster slide and arrange/format, as desired. VPlay request 3.png
  4. Set up the Slide Request in the DataCaster Slide Command
  5. Set up the request in Slide Commands.
  6. Click Slide>Commands.
    1. Click the new command icon.
    2. Select RTD Request and click OK.
    3. Select the data source for the interface.  Select applicable Format (typically GameIndivStats). 
    4. Next to Teamname, Num, Lastname, click drop down and choose <user select>
    5. Note, if <user select> is unavailable, manually type it in or copy/paste exactly as seen here.
    6. For Output, choose applicable port (typically Port 4)
      VPlay request 4.png 
    7. Click Apply, click OK.  Click OK again.  Save the file.
  7.  Enable Stats Interface in V-Play
    1. Open V-Play from the icon on the Desktop.
    2. Select Control>Accessories>Stats Request.
    3. The Stats Interface toolbar will now appear at the bottom.
    4. Create a button for the stats request.dtc file, click the button. 
    5. When this button is clicked, this will automatically bring up the Stats Interface toolbar.  From there, users will be able to choose a player and click Accept to send requested stats to the output monitor.

KB ID: DD3085004

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