OmniSport 2000, Scoreboard is showing lanes in incorrect order


  • Scoreboard is showing results in reverse order.


  • Sport Software and Controllers
  • OmniSport 2000


  • Lane order set incorrectly in OmniSport console.


  • Correct setting in OmniSport.
    • If the cabling is in-deck and using a lane interface, set this to NRM (normal).
    • When using on deck cabling (lane modules and deck extension), in some situations, the OmniSport 2000 console will be set up closest to Lane 1 and in others, it will be set up closest to the last lane (Lane 6 in a six-lane pool). If Lane 1 is closest to the timer, the console should be set to NRM (normal). If the console is set up on the same side of the pool as the last lane, the console should be set to REV (reversed). The operator will quickly know if the settings are incorrect because when Lane 1 results are displayed, it will show up in the last lane.
    • Menu, 4 Setup Menu, 1 Pool, 2 Lane order, Use [←][→] to toggle the setting from NRM to REV and then press [ENTER] to save.

KB ID: DD3024657

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