Audio, humming sound when audio input device's content is quiet or not playing anything


  • Humming sound coming from cabinet when audio content is quiet or not playing anything.
  • Issue is present when using digital signal.
  • When XLR cable from mixer output is removed, humming stops.


  • Sportsound 500HD, 1500HD, 2000HD, 1000
  • External audio input device (iPod, Laptop, Phone)


  • A noisy audio input device has its volume set to 100%.
  • Alternative - With all channel faders down or channels muted, Mixer output has hum on it.


  • Turn audio input device's volume down to reduce background noise. Optimal output level is between 60% - 80%.
  • Ensure that any unused mixer channels have their faders turned down.
  • Alternative - replace mixer if issue is not with input devices.

Work around

  • If mixer Left output is found bad, swap connection to mixer Right output until mixer can be replaced.  

KB ID: DD2913045

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