Incorrect or Garbage Data showing in RTD fields for DakStats Baseball data


  • RTD fields in content show garbage data or incorrect data
  • Example:
    • Garbage data.jpg


  • Venus 7000
  • DSTI
  • DakStats Baseball


  • Incorrect ITF chosen in RTD input of Venus 7000.
  • Old ITF dsba sbrd.itf was used, suspect DSI file update on DSTI caused a new ITF file, DSTI DSBA Scoreboard.itf, to be needed to break data out correctly.
  • Although the data looks like garbage/strange characters, characters are correct and are needed for data attributes. Example: RTD Color.


  1. Place the DSTI DSBA Scoreboard.itf file in V7000 folder.
  2. Change RTD input to use correct ITF file.
    NOTE: If unable to find correct ITF, go to Dakfiles > Downloads > Data > ITF.
  3. Once the RTD input is edited, the RTD fields in the content will need to be changed to match the right RTD input and fields.

KB ID: DD2712366

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