Video content not playing on display, VIP input showing 0x0 @ 0 hz, Unknown

​​Potential Symptoms

  • Display is blank even though:
    • The VIP will play test patterns and stored content without issue.
    • The DMP and VIP are configured correctly.
    • The VIP is set to Active in Venus Control Suite.
    • The DMP and VIP are both online in Venus Control Suite.
  • Input tile shows DVI 0x0 | 0 Hz.
    dvi no input.jpg
  • There is a yellow triangle error symbol shown in the Outputs and Output 1 under the "Outputs' tab in the DMP web configuration.
  • VCS diagnostics shows "Degraded Signal" event on the Controller.
  • "DVI - Source Not Available" present in the VIP Web Configuration.
  • DMP may work normally for a period of time after being power cycled.


  • Product Family: Billboards, Message Displays, Control System
  • Product: GS6, DB-4200
  • Component: VIP-5060, VIP-5150, DMP-5050, DMP-5000 version,,, 8.11,,,, 8.24, 8.26,,
  • Control System: Venus Control Suite (VCS)


  • Unknown.


  • Contact Daktronics Technical Support.

KB ID: DD2684839

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