Two modules next to each other blank, Failed power supply

Potential ​​Symptoms

  • Two modules next to each other blank, adjacent modules blank.
    • Blank rectangle shape, or 2 squares together.
  • 2 adjacent modules not getting power.
  • Power supply is getting power (120 VAC) but is not outputting anything (should be 12 VDC).
  • Power indicator light on power supply is not lit.
  • Communication Failure event on blank modules in IDM.
  • Loss of Sync events on modules on either side (following signal flow) of the two blank modules in IDM.


  • Product Family: Billboards, Message Displays, Video
  • Product: DB-4200, DB-5000, DB-6000, DB-6400, GS6, GC6, DVX-1162
  • Component: 65 watt sealed power supply
  • Control System:


  • Failed power supply.
    • Each power supply powers two adjacent modules in the signal chain.


  • Replace failed power supply.

KB ID: DD2677767

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