How do I set up DakStats Interfaces (DSTI) for Stat Crew?


  • How do I set up DSTI for Stat Crew?


  • Product Family: Integration
  • Product:
  • Component: Stat Crew, DSTI
  • Control System:


  1. Locate the computer where DSTI is installed, or if it is not already installed, use the installation CD or download it from DakFiles to install it.
    • Note: This could be on the same computer as Stat Crew or another computer.
    • Note: If you are install DSTI on a windows 2000 computer. Remove the old version but make sure to backup the dsi file in C:\programsFiles\Daktronics\DSTI. Then install DSTI. This will prevent 2 copies of the same software on the computer.
  2. Open DSTI by going to Start > All Programs > Daktronics > DSTI > DSTI or select DSTI on the desktop
  3. Select the correct Sport and confirm Stat Crew is selected as the Interface. If Stat Crew isn't an option, you will need to download the correct DSI (configuration) file. Contact technical support for assistance.

 For additional information, consult the Introduction to DSTI training available on YouTube.

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