How do I change the community name/SNMP on the VFC-3000 controller?


How do I change the community name/SNMP on the VFC-3000 controller?


  • Product Family:  Transportation
  • Product:  VF-, VX-, VL-series display (controlled by VFC-3000)
  • Component:  VFC-3000
  • Control System:  Vanguard Professional or Standard Software



  1. Switch the controller to LOCAL mode, and login using the keypad to enter administrator for the password.
  2. On the bottom of the login screen the last option is Change Password. You may have to arrow down to see this option.
  3. Select Change Password and enter the new password. Then go into Configuration, Reset Options, Reset Only to save this change.
  4. If the Change Password option doesn't exist. The controller will need a firmware update higher than
  5. It is now necessary to update the Community (string) read-write name in the NTCIP software so that communication is possible between the VFC-3000 controller and the NTCIP software. 
  6. Refer to How to Change the Community String Name in Vanguard V4 Professional software DD2814826
  7. Some third-party NTCIP software's Community (string) names are hard-coded and cannot be changed. 
  8. Repeat steps 1 through 4 if a controller is restored to factory defaults, or is changed out with a spare.

KB ID: DD2556658

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