Stats from DakStats/DSTI will not populate on Stat Panels, Failed serial cable.

Potential Symptoms

  • No DakStats stat information show up on the Stat Panels.
  • Time from the All Sport comes in to DakStats/DSTI ok.
  • Shorting pins 2 and 3 on the 25 pin cable at the All Sport end results in mis-matched data in the Monitor Ports window in DSTI.


  • Product Family: Sports Product, Integration
  • Product: SD-XXXX Stat Panels
  • Components: DakStats BB, DSTI w/ DSI file ED-13796
  • Control System: All Sport 5000


  • Bad serial cable between All Sport and DakStats/DSTI.  The transmit line from the All Sport is good so it sends data to DakStats/DSTI, but the receive line is bad so it won't receive data from DSTI.


  • Replace the serial cable from the All Sport to DakStats/DSTI.

Note: If the main scoreboards Player-Fouls section is ​not populating data from DakStats see DakStats or Stat Crew will update player fouls on stat panels but they are not updating on main scoreboard, DD2435874 for details.

KB ID: DD2446745

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