Galaxy AF-3500 blank, Good communication, No heartbeat, No boot-up visible


  • Display is blank and does not seem to be outputting to the modules.
  • Modules do have power.
  • No heartbeat.
  • There is no boot-up visible when power is cycled to the display.
  • Communication is good from customer's computer.
  • If controller is put into a test pattern by the hardware addresses (00) and controller is rebooted, display remains blank.


  • Galaxy
  • M3 (AF-3500 and AF-3700)


  • Color depth in the controller configuration is set incorrectly (e.g. Monochrome instead of Monochrome 4,096, or Monochrome 4096 instead 68 billion colors).


  1. Connect to the controller using M2config. Follow: "How to connect to my Galaxy display using the M2Config Utility?", DD2342173.
  2. Verify Color Depth is set incorrectly. Follow: "How to configure the standard settings for Commercial Galaxy Displays in M2Config", DD2241913.
  3. Change Color Depth to appropriate setting.
  4. Click on "blue down arrow" to set the configuration or click on File>Set Configuration.
  5. Wait for controller to reboot and display should begin running content, if no content, there should at least be a boot up and heartbeat...then go ahead and send content to the display.

KB ID: DD2410241

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