How to convert Vanguard V3 software database to V4



How do I transfer & upgrade my Vanguard V3 database to Vanguard V4 database?

Unable to send files through email. Software migrating from vanguard v3 to v4.



  • Vanguard V3 & V4 Software Database


  1. On an XP System. (V3 is supported on)
  2. At desktop, double click on the My Computer icon.
  3. Browse to the following location:
    1. C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Daktronics\Vanguard V3
      Note: If the Application data folder is not listed, you may have to show all hidden folders.
      1. From Windows Explorer Window click Tools -> Folder Options. (you may need to press the ALT key on keyboard to show Tools)
      2. Click View Tab.
      3. Check the Show hidden files and folders.
      4. Click Apply and Ok.
  4. Locate the following 4 files:
    • Vangaurd.mdb
    • VGlobalDir.xml
    • Vgroup.xml
    • VModelDir.xml
  5. Change the name of all 4 files.
    • Example:
      • JohnVangaurd.MDB
      • JohnVGlobalDIR.xml
      • JohnVGroup.xml
      • JohnVModelDir.xml
Note what version of V3 the customer is currently using. Our software group will need this information. 
  1. Click hereto load your files for Daktronics to access them. File Uploads to Daktronics - Transportation
  2. Send an email to stating you have loaded your V3 files to dakfiles FTP site. This will notify Daktronics to work on this.
  3. SDK Support will notify you VIA email when complete.
  4. The new database file will be named backup.nucbak. This is for Vanguard V4. 
  5. Use the database utility tool to install the new database into Vanguard V4.
    1. For 32-bit Operating System, C:/Programs files/Daktronics/Nucleus Server/Database Utility
    2. For 64-bit Operating System, C:/Programs files(x86)/Daktronics/Nucleus Server/Database Utility
  6. To load the database file (.nucbak), click the Load button.

Most messages will convert to V4. However, it is possible for some V3 messages to have unknown issues that would prevent successful conversion to V4. You will need to recreate any messages that did not carry over VIA the conversion.


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