Diagnostics: Loss of Sync and/or Checksum Error on a module or PLR; Failed SATA cable

​Potential Symptoms

  • IDM may indicate Loss of Sync Errors on the modules and/or PLRs.
  • IDM may indicate Checksum Error on the modules and/or PLRs.
  • Module self-test fails when using existing cable, passes with a known good cable.
  • One diagnostic light on the back of the module blinks faster or out of sync with lights on surrounding modules.
  • May show visual issues.
    • Visual issue remains in same location after moving or replacing modules.
  • PLR test pattern, or port health test show issue location, and re-seating the cable does not resolve it.
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IDM / System Health Event(s)

  • Strip of modules with Communication Failure events, and modules on both ends have Loss of Sync events.
  • Checksum Error on a module or PLR


  • Product Family: Billboards, Video, Message Displays
  • Product: DB-4000, DB-4100, DB-4101, DB-4200, DB-4202, DB-5000, DB-6000, DB-6400​, DVX, DVN, RTX, GP3, GP4, GS6, GT6, ECCB, DXB-0100, BLD-0100, DVX-1162
  • Component: SATA cable
  • Control System:


  • Failed SATA cable.


  • Replace the faulty SATA cable(s).

KB ID: DD2050555

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