How to set the backboard LED strip to light when the shot clock runs out and end of period (EOP)


  • How to set the backboard LED strip to light when the shot clock runs out as well as at the End of Period (EOP)?


  • Product Family:  Sports Product
  • Product:  BB-2140/2141, BB-2150/2151, BB-2114, BB-2115, BB-2109, BB-2111 Shot Clock
  • Component:  BB-2135, BB-2133 LED light strips
  • Control System:  All Sport 5000 Series Console


  1. For college/universities under the NCAA umbrella: Per NCAA rulings, the backboard lights CANNOT go off when the shot clock =0, and may only go off at the End of Period.
    • See HERE for the NCAA's Letter on the interpretation of backboard light strip permissible usage.

    1. If shot clock is clear or two-sided transparent, reference proper switch settings with KB:  DD3188016
    2. If shot clock has an internal relay board and 3-pin XLR on the side; verify relay board set for:  (Relay card can be found with label 0P-1150-0242)
      1. OFF - GAME HORN
      2. OFF - SHOT HORN
      3. OFF - GAME STOP
      4. ON - GAME CLK = 0
      5. OFF - GAME HORN
      6. OFF - SHOT HORN
      7. OFF - GAME STOP
      8. ON - GAME CLK = 0
    3. If shot clock does not have an internal relay board and 3-pin XLR on the side; open and verify external light strip control enclosure set for:  (Control enclosure can be found with label 0A-1230-0088 or 0A-1389-0056 on the bottom)
      1. 'Selection' Gray wire is only on TB11 pin 3 GAME CLK = 0 (Gray-to-Gray only connection made on TB11 pin 3)
      2. DWG-00314188 TB11.png
  2. For High Schools and younger leagues, Daktronics recommends you check with your state rules committee to ensure compliance before modifying these settings.
    1. Proceed only if for High School or younger league and you have checked with your state/league rules committee or rule book.
    2. Light strips are designed to act as EOP indicators (game clock=0) and are not factory set to light when shot clock=0.  However, if using Daktronics Shot Clocks or Light Strip Controllers with a All Sport control console they can be set to light at shot clock=0.  To change the settings for EOP's to light at both shot and game clock=0 do the following:
      1. Power down the shot clock at the breaker or power cord.
      2. Access the relay board in the shot clock.
      3. Set dip switches 2,4,6,8 to "On" to act as EOP as well as shot clock=0.
      4. dipswitch.jpg

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