How do I remove or add a flashing effect on the text in Content Studio?

Potential Symptoms

  • How do I remove or add a flashing effect on the text in Content Studio?
  • Can I make my text/message blink?


  • Venus 1500 V4
  • Venus Prime
  • Venus Pro
  • Venus Elite


  1. Open presentation that has or needs flashing effect in Content Studio.
  2. Highlight the text that has a Gray Highlight/Border, or the text you want to add flashing effect to.
    • Note: Flashing text can only be added to Venus Type Fonts with Galaxy Displays.
    • Flashing text can be added to both Venus and True Type Fonts for GPR, GP3, GS6 Displays.
  3. Click Home tab in Content Studio.
  4. Click the Flashing Icon and choose None, Slow, Medium or Fast.
  5. If flashing was added, you will now have a permanent gray highlight over your text, this is an indication that Flashing is applied, but does not appear out on the display as a gray highlight.
  • It is not recommended to use flashing text on displays due to the fact that it can be distracting to motorists.  If you do use flashing text, we recommend to use sparingly, such as on a single word like FREE or SALE for example.

KB ID: DD2025867

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