VL-3500 using a switch input and event activation


Overheight Switch not changing the messages on VL-3500


  • VL-3500 Display 
  • Overheight Switch input
  • Vanguard V4 Professional Software
  • LCD Simulator Software
  • Local Control Panel (LCP)


The Overheight Switch and MINI DC I/O not in the peripheral list.


  • Two options:
     A. Connect to sign using LCDSimulator using an Ethernet cable & TCP/IP connection.
     B. Use the LCP and connect to the programming port on the M3 controller (located on the side of the controller) and perform the following:
    1. Module type is VL-3500 RGB.
    2. Sign type is FULL.
    3. Sign Height is (count pixels to determine the height).
    4. Sign width is (count pixels to determine the width).
    5. Sign access is FRONT.
    1. Auto detect peripherals first, then do the following steps.
    2. press 1 for add peripherals.
    3. press 4 for DC I/O.
    4. press the down arrow key.
    5. press 1 for MINI DC I/O.
    6. press 1 for on Control Board local sensor.
    7. press the down arrow key.
    8. press 6 for Overheight Detector.
    9. press 1 for Overheight Detector 1.
    10. press 1 for MINI DC I/O.
    11. press 1 for Control Pin 1 then the enter key.
    12. press 2 for normally open (Ask the customer whether or not their configuration is normally open or normally closed and test to verify).
    13. press 1 for light sensor.
    14. press 2 for front Light sensor.
    15. press 1 for default (recommended).
    16. press 1 for on controller.
    17. press the cancel/esc key 3 times to get back to the configuration screen.
    18. Press 1 for configuration.
    19. Press 2 communication configuration.
    20. Press 2 for Ethernet (change IP information).
    21. The controller will reset at this point. It is saving new configuration.
    22. Use Vanguard software, Reconfigure Messaging options, Change event activation, general event activation.
    23. Emergency activation, Select "CLOSED" message.
    24. Display reset activation: Select "Play Current Message".

KB ID: DD2008947

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