VIP-4060 Face Control - How to control (enable/disable) individual display faces


  • How do I control (enable/disable) individual display faces with a VIP-4060?
  • How do I blank 1 (one) face for an event?
  • Performer/Singer/Band/Entertainment doesn't want to see themselves du​ring an event how do I blank the face that faces stage for the concert?


  • Product Family:
  • Product: VIP-4060
  • Components:
  • Control System: Centerhung display with VIP-4060


  1. Log into VIP-4060
  2. Navigate to Advanced tab
    navigating to advanced tab
  3. Click on Configuration tab and search for "Face"
    configuration tab
  4. Add the hex values of the faces desired to be enabled and enter it into FaceEnable
    faceenable value
    Note: The example below indicates how a center hung display with four faces (A through D) is assigned hex values. In addition, the example illustrates how the aforementioned values are used to create the desired value to enter in FaceEnable.  VIP-4060 can control up to 16 faces (face 16 is a decimal value of 32,768). 
  5. KEY  D  = ON
     B  = OFF
    Hex Value
    (decimal value)
     A  B  C  D
     1  2   4  8
     0001 (1)  D  B  B  B
     0002 (2)  B  D​​  B  B
     0003 (3)  D  D  B  B
     0004 (4)  B  B  D  B
     0005 (5)  D  B  D  B
     0006 (6)  B  D  D  B
     0007 (7)  D  D  D  B
     0008 (8)  B  B  B  D
     0009 (9)  D  B   B  D 
     000A (10)  B  D  B  D
     000B (11)  D  D  B  D
     000C (12)  B  B  D  D
     000D (13)  D  B  D  D
     000E (14)  B  D  D  D
     000F (15)  D  D  D  D

    example of face control
  6. Click send configuration button on the left pane. 
  7. If needed, contact Daktronics Help Desk for additional assistance.

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