Venus Control Suite now controls indoor, outdoor, LED and LCD displays

Venus Control Suite cloud-based software provides simple control for scheduled content on LED and LCD displays – anywhere, any time and from any device.


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Venus Control Suite is a popular cloud-based software that many LED sign owners and operators use to control scheduled content on their outdoor LED displays from Daktronics. But now it’s so much more.

Operators can now use Venus Control Suite to control scheduling and content on both LED and LCD displays for indoor and outdoor use from anywhere at any time, and with any device. It provides instant software updates via the cloud, and Daktronics hosts the Venus Control Suite software on one of the most secure data centers in the world, so IT departments can rest easy.

“Venus Control Suite has been the control software for our digital LED displays for a while now,” explains Audie Baker, Venus Control Suite Product Manager at Daktronics.

“We are very excited to expand the capabilities so display owners can unify their digital signage strategy for their complete network of indoor and outdoor signage – for both LED and LCD displays. It will simplify their operations and provide easier control.”

With Venus Control Suite, organizations can save time and money by scheduling content for multiple displays in one place. They can create consistent key messaging, elevate the customer experience through graphics and imagery, and ultimately achieve their marketing goals.

More than 32,000 digital display operators currently use the software, which gives them the ability to schedule messages for special promotions and products according to brand, region, day part or special events.

Operators can even opt to add content from multiple third-party sources, including news feeds, sports scores, and menu prices. They can zone screen layouts with different content parts and even create custom layouts. With the cloud-based software, operators can also provide automatic emergency alerts with access to the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS).

“We are super excited to offer Venus Control Suite to more of our customers, because it’s so intuitive and easy to use,” says Baker. “We even offer new customers the ability to activate the software before displays are installed so they can learn the software, creating content and playlists ahead of time. That lets the organization see a return on their investment on day one of installation.