Traffic Management Centers Benefit from Direct-View LED displays

Traffic Management Centers (TMCs) require reliable, long-lasting video displays that are visible in all lighting conditions so operators can make smarter, more informed decisions.


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Direct view, high-resolution viewing is essential in traffic management centers. Daktronics is known as a world leader in digital display technology with more than 30 years of experience in the ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) market worldwide – and that same reliable technology is a game-changer in TMCs. Daktronics LED displays provide bold colors and detailed images from any viewing angle and in any lighting conditions.

“When the traffic management team can see everything as it happens, they can make faster, more informed decisions,” says Jason Morison, Daktronics Market Manager for Transportation. “Daktronics is a trusted partner in ITS, and we work hard to provide solutions for every aspect of their jobs, over the roads and in command centers.”

Advantages of LED Displays in a TMC

Clear Images

LED displays provide high-resolution, direct view images so the TMC staff can see every detail in low light, direct sunlight and everything in between. Operators can adjust the brightness for the setting, and the colors remain vibrant on crisp, clear images.

Seamless Design

An LED display eliminates breaks in images. It can be any size imaginable with zoned content featuring unlimited camera feeds, maps, news, weather DOT data feeds and more.

Quality Collaboration

Daktronics works hand-in-hand with your AV integrator to develop the best TMC for you and your staff. Plus, our service team ensures 24/7 operation now and in years to come.

See how your TMC can benefit from a Daktronics LED video wall.