The Ultimate Field Trip

Students from Scottsbluff High School in Nebraska recently took a trip to the U.S. Air Force Academy to learn firsthand how the pros operate their displays as well as pick up some tips and ideas along the way.


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Daktronics Event Producer Justin Szymanski works at Falcon Stadium on the U.S.A.F. campus in Colorado Springs and welcomed the opportunity to show the students his operations room.

Scottsbluff High School NE FB

Scottsbluff recently purchaseScottsbluffs-High-School_Scottsbluff-NE_4d displays for their football stadium and gymnasium. Eager to make the most of their investment, students had questions ready for Szymanski.


Their tour took place during the week to allow for more Q&A time. Szymanski explained his role as an event producer for the students and shared the steps he took leading to his current position. He walked students through each work station and described how team communications work. Students tried their hand at operating the equipment and seemed to enjoy the replay capabilities.

Sports Marketing

Of importance to every team, whether professional or high school, is sponsorships. Szymanski explained how revenue from advertising offsets equipment costs. He also shared with students how their high school involvement serves as an important role in gaining experience, which gives them a leg up compared to their peers when vying for operator careers.

Idea Cultivating

Before they left, students also gained an idea to implement on their own field: a 40-yard dash touchdown dance contest for participants to show off their victory dances. We can’t wait to see it, Scottsbluff!

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