New Releases for High School Game Day

2018 brings two new options for high school game day: social media feeds for your video display and baseball scoring from your mobile device.


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You’ve asked and we listened.

Daktronics is leveraging our knowledge from the professional league to bring game-day solutions to high schools. And with a lower price tag.


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Daktronics is introducing a cost-effective integration between social media and video displays for high school sports. Due to the popular trend in professional leagues, a need was identified for a more affordable solution to serve fans who comprise the largest base of social media users, high school students.

This simplified, cost effective solution for high schools is the best option on the market to make displays interactive and social. A notable feature is the utilization of a software that removes the required background work to seamlessly display social media content on the screen.

Angie Wilson, Professional Services Manager at Daktronics, worked with Burnsville High School, a pilot test location, to implement the new solution. “We demoed the idea at our high school video summit, and received overwhelmingly positive feedback and interest. In moving forward with the idea, Daktronics partnered with Screenfeed to offer an affordable option for the high school sports market. By implementing a new playback feature, users will simply open their browser, log into their account and choose what to show. They can be as specific as a certain hashtag or account.”

“We are the only players in the market to offer this cost-effective option in the high school sports market,” commented Chris Westerman, Product Manager. “From sharing pictures to fans’ tweets and Facebook comments, this software offers the whole package. We are excited to bring that professional-level game day experience to high schools to enhance their interactions even more,” Westerman said.

Fan-submitted Instagram photos provide an endless stream of school-spirit for game day as well as making memories throughout the year. Using this technology to bolster interaction is just one more way to get fans involved.


The second big release is for baseball season. Our new baseball app allows you to manage Home/Guest scoreboards from any seat in the house. Using a Bluetooth® connection, the DAK Score mobile app sends commands to an indoor/outdoor interface box, which then directly controls the scoreboard via wired or wireless signal. On game day, simply fire up your device and play ball! Currently only available for Home/Guest scoreboards but expanding to inning by inning scoring and other sports. See how the app works and if your scoreboard model is compatible.




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