LED Display Cellular Communication Plan Keeps Private Networks Safe and Saves Hours Onsite

Daktronics and Verizon have partnered together to offer the market a cellular communication plan. Read on to learn more.


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Daktronics Galaxy® displays need an internet connection to reach the cloud-based Venus® Control Suite for content and schedule updates. A secure system is crucial.

In this age of malware, viruses, spyware and worms, your customers are concerned about hackers and network intrusion. They don’t want unauthorized users gaining access to their system.

A secure solution

To meet this need, Daktronics offers you and your customers a cellular communication plan that features outstanding security, as well as a one-time purchase availability for all display sizes.

Rod Wardle, YESCO VP Electronics, says that “the cellular data offering is a real differentiator.”

Standard Cellular lines are on an open public network, so they are available to be reached or found by anyone on that open public network/internet. The Daktronics-Verizon Cellular is a closed private network, making these cellular modems unreachable by anyone on open public network. This prevents malicious attacks from the general population.

“Public networks are inherently at risk to attacks. Private networks are the best way to eliminate susceptibility to these risks,” says Ron Koerner, Daktronics product manager.

 One-time purchase

Customers buy the communication plan with a new display or existing display, eliminating monthly fees, data limits and costly overage risks. The plan’s lifetime equals that of the display.

 Save you hours onsite

“Working with cellular communication can be a nightmare,” comments Wardle. “At YESCO, we take post-sale service very seriously; our customers’ ongoing service needs are a huge area of focus for us. A service technician may be up on a crane somewhere unable to finish because he doesn’t know what the account number or security pin numbers are.”

“No need to work with your cellular provider to set up communication. Daktronics takes care of that and at a great, low price. In some cases, this plan saves hours of onsite time,” Wardle says.


To bring this communication solution to market, Daktronics partnered with Verizon, the company with the widest network coverage in the U.S. Verizon provides the virtual VPN, and Daktronics handles the setup. The cellular communication data plan is compatible with Venus® Control Suite for Galaxy® GS6 and GT6 series displays.

Discover the details in the “Daktronics-Verizon Lifetime Data Cellular Communication” flyer.