It looks 3D. It’s called forced perspective.

Digital signs with 3D-looking content are grabbing worldwide attention. That’s valuable to advertisers, artists, and of course OOH display owners. Daktronics gives you the technology to do more with your digital displays.


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At Daktronics, it’s become a mantra: Content is king. With the growing popularity of forced perspective – content that looks 3D from key locations – that’s never been more apparent.

It doesn’t take special digital technology to make this type of content work. Even displays that are more than five years old can host forced perspective content. As long as the display shows a smooth, clear image and consistently good color reproduction, you can show forced perspective content.

Forced perspective content can work with a curved display, a corner display, or even a flat one. It all depends on creating realistic content that can fool the eye, and the location of the viewer. It’s ideal in certain instances, such as:

  • Exterior corners where the display wraps on two faces
  • Suspended displays with a bottom or top LED plane
  • Entryways, atriums, or lobbies where traffic moves toward a single display

It’s often used for public art or entertainment purposes, but many advertisers are catching on as well. If you are interested in learning more about how to do more with forced perspective to grab attention on your new or existing OOH digital display, Daktronics has resources for you.

Forced Perspective

Daktronics Professional Services can also create forced perspective graphics for you, so you can make your digital display even more memorable. To learn more, reach out to your Creative Services Account Manager or email

You may also find the recent World Out of Home Organization webinar Showcasing Cutting Edge Technology in OOH helpful. This webinar features Daktronics Product Manger Jon Settingsgard, along with fellow presenter Sean Lee, discussing how to create forced perspective content and show some amazing examples of it in action.