Is your system set up to match the NCAA Light Strip Rule? 

Is your system set up to match the NCAA Light Strip Rule? 

Daktronics Control Panel on 12/12/2022

Categories: Pro Sports and Colleges

We wanted to give a quick friendly reminder to our college customers out there about the waiver from last year that affects the backboard light strip and the shot clock, saying that they could light up at 0:00 on the game clock. That waiver has expired and now the shot clock lights can only light up at the expiration of a shot clock period.

Because of this, we wanted to help you out by showing you how to update your control systems accordingly. Here is a message that was sent out to schools earlier this year with the updated information about shot-clock displays:

Section 19. Shot-Clock Displays

Art. 1. A shot clock is one of the two official visible timepieces that display the amount of time the team in control has to release a try for a field goal so that it hits the ring or the flange.

Art. 2. Two visible shot clocks with a short that is distinct from the game clock are required, and shall be recessed and mounted on the backboard supports behind each backboard.

Art. 3. An alternate timing device shall be available when a visible shot clock malfunctions.

Art. 4. LED lights located around the shot clock may be used, but the lights shall only be activated for a shot-clock violation.

For more details on how to make these changes with your Daktronics equipment, please visit our Online Knowledge Base for assistance: