Expand Your Show

Fan engagement is more important than ever. Here are numerous new and creative ways to utilize the technology you have. Using the screen mirror feature, you can broadcast apps for numerous events.


Categories: High School Sports


Using AppleTV during sporting events can elevate the experience and keep the audience engaged.

Halftime Entertainment
Mirroring halftime programming can make the preparation for that intermission less work. If your school doesn’t have an entertainer lined up, connect AppleTV and let your display do the work. Host a game, like the interactive trivia app Kahoot, to get brains working and the audience engaged.

Game Review
After the game is over, mirror Hudl on your display for video playback from games. Use Hudl to review performances and view analytics to help your team improve for next time.

Check out a few tips from the pros that are available at every level. Just talk to your Daktronics rep to find out what affordable options we we have adapted for you.


Using your display with AppleTV for school events outside of sporting events is one widely overlooked opportunity. Try these ideas to get students or community members involved. Plus, they can create fun events for fundraising or school events.

Physical Education 
Broadcast a fitness class, like yoga or HIIT, for a change of pace in athletics. This would be a great way to add variety to gym class or to offer a fitness class for community members to join.

Connect a heart rate monitor to your AppleTV to track athletes’ performances. This can provide a visual experience for students, which will encourage them to train harder and reach peak performance. This feature would work best during a practice when athletes are training, or during your school’s gym classes.

Ditch the projector and utilize your digital display instead. Play TED Talks or other videos on your board during a school assembly. The big screen will make the content easy for all students to watch.

Virtual Field Trips
Mirror interactive virtual reality apps to take class trips all over the world without needing to leave the classroom. The 360-degree view doesn’t require VR glasses, so the whole class can participate and view the experience.

Community Campaigns
Broadcast public service announcements and other campaigns within the community to get the word out.

  • Public service announcements could include:
  • Don’t text and drive
  • If you see something, say something
  • Click it or ticket
  • Fundraising


Break out the video options to intensify emotion and excitement during events like:


  • Live video of speakers
  • Close-ups of diploma recipients
  • Student-made videos
  • Yearbook photos slide show
  • Display school mission

School Dances

  • Videos of dance moves
  • Activity promotions
  • Thank volunteers/sponsors
  • Stream music videos
  • Mock game shows

Pep Rallies

  • Play hype videos
  • Fight song lyrics
  • Live raffle draw
  • Fan videos
  • Lead cheers