Cobb EMC on a Bright Path

Focused on safety and effectively communicating with the public — Cobb EMC is on a bright path with their 10-millimeter, surface-mount Daktronics LED display


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Cobb EMC is an electrical cooperative serving the northwest metro Atlanta area. When critical announcements need to be communicated, one method the company puts into play is their 10-millimeter, surface-mount Daktronics LED display, a rarity in the area. We spoke with Angela Croce, the Director of Corporate Communications, to see what her experience has been like so far.

“Some of the best features of the technology relate to ease of use,” Croce said. “We create our content in Photoshop to align with corporate fonts and brand standards and bring them into Venus Control Suite. My favorite feature by far is the ability to make playlist edits from my cell phone.”

The cooperative focuses on safety and service to the community. A recent snowfall knocked out power in Atlanta and took the better part of a week for the city to get back to normal. Cobb EMC ran messages on their display during the storm to keep the public informed about the winter weather advisory and crew preparedness. Each Daktronics display has a back-up power supply to ensure service is not disrupted if the power goes out, a helpful feature in times of trouble.

“We are focused on safety and share safety messages during storms, such as, ‘When thunder roars, stay indoors’ or ‘Winter weather advisory/warning’. We also remind drivers of ice and to slow down for our linemen on the roadsides,” Croce continued.

Does the cooperative feel like the display has been a good investment? “Many of our members drive by on a daily basis. By adding the display to our campus, we reach community partners and the general public without having to purchase billboard space elsewhere. We run some video clips but would like to try doing more of that. We also recognize holidays on the screen, including Employee Appreciation Day. We use photos of our employees to help put a face to the name and to recognize them.”

Focused on safety and effectively communicating with the public — Cobb EMC is on a bright path.