Building Owners Use Digital Signs for More than Self Promotion

When building owners offer advertising on digital signs, they provide tenants and vendors with on-location messaging opportunities, while the signs pay for themselves.


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Installing a digital sign makes a lot of sense for many building owners. Obviously, they can use it to grab attention with their own dynamic messaging and advertising. But increasingly, they are using their signs for so much more. Many of them are using their signs to pay for themselves.

Maryann Monuik of Derby Management Ltd. says her company placed a Daktronics digital sign in a prime location in the center of their two-square-block property, Grovsvenor Park Centre in Saskatoon, SK. Their retail and service tenants can put their logo on the sign for no charge, and they have the opportunity to purchase additional advertising.

“We charge a weekly rate for them to run ads on the sign,” explains Monuik. “They understand that it’s affordable advertising, and we use the revenue for our promotional fund.”

“We can create revenue with this. I can see paying for the sign this way.Maryann Monuik, Derby Management Ltd.

Another Saskatoon business using their digital sign to earn income is family-owned Early’s Farm and Garden Centre. They sell advertising to their suppliers to raise awareness for them and increase traffic for Early’s, even during the off season.

“Even though this is the start of our slow season, we can still see higher traffic coming in to check things out and make purchases based on the brands they saw on the sign,” says Early’s media and sales manager Alexa Joy. “The sign showed we carried items they didn’t know we had.”

Schilling Properties helps their tenants increase traffic with a Daktronics sign that matches their building aesthetic.

“The sign provides exposure for all the businesses in the building,” says managing partner Cary Schilling.

“We run their ads on a rotating basis. The tenants are very happy, and we’ve received comments from customers on the appearance and functionality of the sign.”Cary Schilling, Managing Partner, Schilling Properties

Note: Sign codes vary by location. It’s important to know what your local codes are concerning digital signage content.

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