Best Practices for LED Display Design

Learn about creating effective display content!

Daktronics Commercial Software Training on 12/19/2018

Categories: Venus Control Suite Training

You want to make the most of your LED display, so make sure you are creating the most effective display content! Today, we will walk through our most crucial content best practices.



Keep in mind, your audience is IN MOTION. The Federal Highway Administration says that drivers shouldn’t take their eyes off the road for more than two seconds. You have 2 SECONDS to tell a story.


We recommend the following: make it BRIEF, make it BOLD, make it LEGIBLE. Be sure to draw your viewers’ attention by focusing on a SINGLE IDEA.



It’s very important that you have good color contrast (the difference between light and dark). This will be the biggest reason why your messages are legible or illegible. To check for contrast, you can view the content in greyscale. Color vibration happens when the edges of two colors blend. Be sure to avoid this.



We recommend using bold, thick fonts! Thin fonts will be lost on the display. Fill up your display with your message and use uppercase if necessary. The fonts in Venus® Control Suite were hand-picked by our creative services team to be effective on your Daktronics display. Use an outline! Outlines help text with readability. We recommend a dark outline with bright text.



Use dark backgrounds most often, with white, yellow, or other brightly colored text. Dark text with a dark background will not be easily visible on Daktronics displays. Sometimes, a brighter background can be used with dark text, but don’t make these messages frequently.


Keep our best practices in mind and have fun creating your display content!


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