Are Your Customers Using Bad Content on Their LED Signs?

We’ve all seen it, great content that needs a little help looking its best on the display. Check out these tips and resources to make the maximum impact with your messaging!


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How do you work with a customer who is running bad content? Lately, we’ve been hearing our sign companies are faced with this problem, but don’t always know how to address the concern. It’s an important topic. Good content drives sales for your customers, and helps you sell more displays.

So here are a few tools, tips and when to use them. They’ll help you break the ice talking with your customer about better content.


Examples of good and bad content. See our free brochures for details.

Stop by your customer’s facility with one or more of our best practices pieces. In order to keep the conversation positive, let them know Daktronics is focused on the whole customer.

Tell your customer that we developed these how-tos and best practices. You’re sharing them so their display ownership experience can be even better.

Basic design tips—our most recent content brochure. Share this document with everyone who owns a Daktronics RGB display. Especially, those with our GS6/VSC solution.

Skim ideas on content scheduling and creating attractive content.

A must-have for your convenience store customers and anyone looking for ideas on how to be concise with text using templated content offered by Daktronics Commercial Creative Service.

As always, work with your Daktronics sales rep for questions. Often, just one tip can improve content.