4 Ways to Connect with Your Community through a Digital Sign

Developing a good reputation with the members of your community helps your sign become a renowned landmark. Here’s some tips on how to generate buzz around your sign.


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If you want to show your community you are invested in the town, look no further than an LED sign. Whether you want to advertise events, raise awareness, support organizations and businesses, or keep everyone safe, putting your message on a sign by the road is the easiest and most effective way to reach every member of a community.

Digital signage allows you to create your own content and display it on your board at a moment’s notice. Here are 4 ideas of ways you can use digital signage to your advantage and develop a deeper connection with your community.

  1. Advertise City Events
    A great way to get people in the habit of looking at your sign is by advertising for local events. Not only does this make the group putting on the event feel important, but it also shows the community that you are involved and in touch with other locals.
  2. Display Weather or Emergency Warnings
    If your community is in some form of danger, you can help! Whether it’s an extreme weather scenario, a fugitive on the loose, or an Amber Alert, you can warn the people with content about the issue. This raises awareness of the situation and keeps everyone calm.

  3. Support Local Businesses and Organizations
    Advertising for local businesses and organizations is great way to build relationships with other community members and expand your content variety. Showing support encourages people to continue working with you.

  4. Personalize Your Content with Messages and Reminders
    Get creative with your content! Adding color and animations makes your sign impossible to ignore. Memorable and funny messages or reminders also keep people looking at your sign for something interesting.

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