How do I view diagnostics for scripting and triggers in a VP-6000 or DI-6000?


  • How do I verify a Display Studio script has been sent to the VP-6000?
  • How to view the system journal for any commands or triggers sent to a 6000 processor?


  • Product Family: Video Software and Controllers
  • Product: VP-6000, DI-6000
  • Components: Display Studio script buttons, journalctl
  • Control System: Show Control System


 The VP-6000 can be checked to verify that the VP-6000 has received the script or command. 

1. Log into the 6000 series processor. Refer to How to log into DI-6000 or VP-6000 using PuTTY.

2. type: journalctl -b -e


journalctl- query the contents of the system

-b -e = boot to end

ctrl + c = exit


3. View the log files for any recent triggers.  The specific script name will be listed in the results. 



KB ID: DD3436261

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