Team name is shifted, merged or cuts off team name on Team Name Message Center, Incorrect All Sport column settings

Potential Symptoms

  • Team Name is not showing up correctly on the Team Name Message Center (TNMC).
  • The Home and Guest team names are partially on the TNMC.
  • Names appear shifted to the left or right.
  • Home displays part of "Home" name, then cut off and display part of "Guest" name. The guest line is the opposite (part of "Guest" then part of "Home").


  • Product Family: Sports Product
  • Product: Any scoreboard with a TNMC installed
  • Component:
  • Control System: All Sport 5000


  • The number of columns are not set properly in the All Sport 5000 console.


  1. The default settings in the All Sport 5000 are 8x48 (rows x columns).
  2. Press "Menu", use the up/down arrow keys to navigate to  "Menu-Roster Select Home/Guest" and press "Enter" to select and edit the team names.
  3. While editing the team names, press the Width and Height on the keypad that correspond with the TNMC rows and columns being used.
    • Note: It is recommended to try adjusting the column setting first, as the majority of TNMCs are 8 rows tall.
    • If you do not know the width of your TNMC, use trial and error on the column setting until the display looks correct.

  4. Once you have pressed the desired width of the TNMC, press "Enter" to accept the setting. At this point, the TNMC should change.
  5. Ensure you edit both home and guest team names to ensure the width and height settings are correct.
  6. Refer to All Sport 5000 Series Control Console Operation Manual; ED11976 section 2.8 for additional information.

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